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Discovering a Hidden World

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There are lots of artistic ways to interpret the Gardens, such as through drawing, poetry or photography. Prose is a little rarer, but this story by Roots and Shoots volunteer Allan shows that it’s a great way to describe the feeling of The Hidden Gardens.

Discovering a Hidden World

After journeying through endless blocks of busy buildings, I descend metal stairs into a narrow dark corner. A green door stands, waiting. I enter.

Opening into the stillness of a fresh morning, the white sky expands exponentially around the tranquil scenery, revealing a secluded world waiting to be discovered.

A tall tree stands proud on its pristine lawn. The neat lawn stretches like a green velvet carpet. The surrounding foliage encircles the scene in an organic arena. The busy blocks fade into a distant memory as I wander further into the wild. A path invites me to explore.

The rhythmic crunching of my footsteps on pebbles accents the serene quiet. Meandering along the path, the wilderness begins to reveal itself.

A sudden fluttering resonates in the undergrowth as I enter the private sanctuary. Birds twitter and whistle cheerfully up amongst outstretching branches, while a passing seagull jabs high-pitch staccato into the hidden harmony.

I notice some rustling amongst the blanket of crackling leaves. I slowly approach. I follow the sound and peer through the bushes. A blackbird stands still, watching. I move closer. His gentle eyes look at me without fear, allowing me into his hidden world.

Weekend Volunteering: Saturday 19 September, 1pm-3:30pm

150917 vol week prom

Saturday 19 September

We’ve a few places left on our next Weekend Volunteering Opportunity. We’ll be pruning, maintaining the Gardens and getting them ready for Autumn and Winter. No previous gardening experience is necessary, just a desire to work outdoors in the Scottish weather.

Here’s what some previous Weekend Volunteers have enjoyed about volunteering with The Hidden Gardens.

“Being outside; doing gardening work; and meeting new people”
“Learning more about plants, building on last time’s experience. Meeting people!”
“Being among friendly people. Learning more about gardening. Being in the sunshine.”

Places are limited, and registering interest is essential. To take part, please contact Andrea – andrea@thehiddengardens.org.uk

Fingers crossed for sunshine!

Looking back over the year of edible growing at The Hidden Gardens

photo (2)

As ever, we have had an interesting season growing some of our old favourites such as wee ‘Sungold’ tomatoes and juicy cucumbers, as well as trying out some unusual varieties, trialling veg to see if they like our Glasgow climate, and giving everything the taste test.

vol harvest and cook  (65)

Highlights have been eating grapes straight off the vine in October, cooking sweet potatoes at our shared volunteer session, and trialling heritage lettuce varieties as part of a ‘Garden Organic’ members experiment.

The Hidden Grapevines
The Hidden Grapevines

We are very pleased with our dahlia tubers, but they are looking so cheery at the moment that we haven’t had the heart to dig them up and eat them, so can’t comment on eating value!


Pedals and petals at The Hidden Gardens

Outdoor film screening at The Hidden Gardens
Outdoor film screening at The Hidden Gardens

Update 1/12/14 – Mandela Celebration Film now online

We had a great night last night at our bike-powered film screening. It was fantastic to see the films, which documented the excitement of the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival and our Mandela Celebration, and in the case of the Commonwealth Youth Dance film, to be reminded of sunny summer weather!

Many thanks to the young film-makers, our volunteers, and everyone who came along for the screening, discussion, and delicious food. For those of you who couldn’t make it along, we’ll be uploading the films to our website next month. Keep your eyes peeled!

Recreating The Hidden Gardens

Beautiful watercolour of the chimney by a member of the Round About Art Group
Beautiful watercolour of the chimney by Maryel, a member of the Round About Art Group

There are many beautiful parts of The Hidden Gardens, and we love seeing people take photos of all the flowers and wildlife in our wee space.

This summer an art group visited The Hidden Gardens and recreated some of the sights. We love this watercolour by Maryel – it feels gentle, and communicates the peaceful atmosphere of The Hidden Gardens beautifully.

Have you drawn, painted, photographed, embroidered, sculpted anything from The Hidden Gardens? We’d love to see! Email blog@thehiddengardens.org.uk with your creations.

Edible Garden course August 2014

140804 edible garden potato

Our popular Edible Garden course starts up again on 28 August. A six week practical course that takes you through everything you need to start growing and transform the way you think about growing your own, whatever space you have, from window box to allotment.

“I would highly recommend the course to anyone, regardless of experience. You will definitely meet new friends, have great fun and learn loads about organic gardening.”

Happy Growing!

The Hidden Gardens take Seed at Cinemap

Catch Seed, a short film about the origins of the Gardens
Catch Seed, a short film about the origins of the Gardens

There’s another chance to catch Seed, the short film commissioned for our Day of Stories exhibition, as part of Southside Film Festival’s Cinemap event.

On Sunday 25th May at 2pm, Cinemap will be showing a selection of short films with a nature theme at New Victoria Gardens. Enjoy Seed in amongst nature!

If you’re not able to make it, you can enjoy Seed at home.

Dawn Chorus at The Hidden Gardens

We didn't see this guy at the Dawn Chorus this year, but he's pecking around the Gardens so often he's practically staff!
We didn’t see this guy at the Dawn Chorus this year, but he’s pecking around the Gardens so often he’s practically staff!

It’s traditional to wash your face in the dawn dew on the 1st May, but hardy volunteers and staff, joined by Alan Wood from Starling Learning, got a thorough wake up with wind and rain on our annual Dawn Chorus event.

It was all worthwhile when we heard and saw 13 different kinds of birds, some who were just visiting like the flock of Swallows, and some more familiar garden residents such as Blackbirds, Starlings and the noisy but tiny Wren.

We were left with lots of snippets of info: Long Tailed Tits aren’t Tits, and Dunnocks used to be called Hedge Sparrows even although they’re not Sparrows.

After sharing a lovely breakfast and hot cuppa we were ready to get on with the day, and The Hidden Gardens had added 2 new bird species to our list (swallow, lesser black backed gull).