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Our top three Most Wanted for November and December

novemberdecember wildlife watchHave you seen any of these guys around the Gardens? They’re our top three to look out for!

On the left we have the Fieldfare. We’ve already seen one¬†recently, but we’re hungry for more!

In the middle we have the Redwing. Similar to the Fieldfare with a speckled belly, and similar to a Song Thrush, but with a fantastic flash of red.

Finally on the right we have the Waxwing. There’s no mistaking this guy! Waxwings are a flighty bunch, so you’ll have to be quick to spot these colourful wonders.

You’re most likely to see these birds in the avenue of trees. Let us know if you see any!

Fieldfare in The Hidden Gardens

Fieldfare in The Hidden Gardens

We were happy to spot a Fieldfare in The Hidden Gardens this week. They’re listed as red status by the RSPB¬†as they don’t usually breed in our neck of the woods.

Fieldfares are Wildlife Watch’s “Beast of the Month” for November. There are plenty of facts about these friendly thrushes. Our administrator is particularly taking note of how Fieldfares protect their nests by pelting enemies with poo…

Let us know if you see any interesting wildlife in the Gardens!