Board Member Biography – Lisa Sinclair

What is your role at The Hidden Gardens?
I joined The Hidden Gardens Board in March this year.

What is your role outside of The Hidden Gardens?
I am an arts manager and dance artist, currently working with Scottish Ballet’s Education department.

What are your special areas of interest?
Community participation, learning and performing arts.

Why do you like The Hidden Gardens?/What attracted you to The Hidden Gardens?
Over the years The Hidden Gardens have been many things to me – an adventure playground to explore with my children; a picnic area; a meeting place; a calm and inspiring space in which to gather my thoughts. I am attracted to The Hidden Gardens because of its inclusivity and diversity, and would like to support its continued growth and development.

Discovering a Hidden World

151120 hidden world

There are lots of artistic ways to interpret the Gardens, such as through drawing, poetry or photography. Prose is a little rarer, but this story by Roots and Shoots volunteer Allan shows that it’s a great way to describe the feeling of The Hidden Gardens.

Discovering a Hidden World

After journeying through endless blocks of busy buildings, I descend metal stairs into a narrow dark corner. A green door stands, waiting. I enter.

Opening into the stillness of a fresh morning, the white sky expands exponentially around the tranquil scenery, revealing a secluded world waiting to be discovered.

A tall tree stands proud on its pristine lawn. The neat lawn stretches like a green velvet carpet. The surrounding foliage encircles the scene in an organic arena. The busy blocks fade into a distant memory as I wander further into the wild. A path invites me to explore.

The rhythmic crunching of my footsteps on pebbles accents the serene quiet. Meandering along the path, the wilderness begins to reveal itself.

A sudden fluttering resonates in the undergrowth as I enter the private sanctuary. Birds twitter and whistle cheerfully up amongst outstretching branches, while a passing seagull jabs high-pitch staccato into the hidden harmony.

I notice some rustling amongst the blanket of crackling leaves. I slowly approach. I follow the sound and peer through the bushes. A blackbird stands still, watching. I move closer. His gentle eyes look at me without fear, allowing me into his hidden world.

Hidden Gardens Volunteers are liking the lichen

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Hidden Gardens volunteers braved the weather to meet at Queen’s park to take part in an OPAL Air Quality survey. This survey uses biological indicators; species whose presence is sensitive to changes in environmental conditions.

Guided by Joanne Dempster from OPAL, we focused on looking at lichens with different sensitivities to nitrogen containing air pollutants and were amazed at how proficient we became in spotting different lichens in a short morning session. Our records will be uploaded to the national survey and will provide valuable information about levels of nitrogen containing air pollutants throughout the UK.

Not only are lichen good indicators of air quality, but they look pretty too!

Flatbread making Workshops at The Hidden Gardens

flatbread making workshop

We’re running Flatbread Making Workshops in the Boilerhouse with our fantastic Cultural Cookery facilitator, Fatima Uygun, over the next few Saturdays.

Saturday 24 October: European flatbreads
Torta sul Testo (Umbrian griddle baked flat bread); Irish Soda Farls; Gozleme (traditional Turkish pastry stuffed with Italian feta piadinas)

Saturday 31 October: Asian flatbreads
Indian chapatis; Malaysian Roti Canai; Mana’eesh (flatbread covered with za’atar eaten in the Lebanon, Palestine and Syria)

Each workshop is £46 per person, and booking is essential. To book your place email

Happy cooking!

Access to The Hidden Gardens on Wednesday 30 September

Tramway will be closing at 3pm on Wednesday 30th September. The Gardens will still be open until 5pm, but access will be through the Pollokshaws Road entrance.

To enter via the Pollokshaws Road entrance, follow the green line on the ground at the pedestrian entrance from Pollokshaws Road. This will take you to a metal gate that leads on to the patio.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Entrance to the Hidden Gardens through the Pollokshaws Road entrance.
Entrance to the Hidden Gardens through the Pollokshaws Road entrance.

The goings on at The Hidden Gardens on Glasgow Southside