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Updates from The Hidden Gardens


The Gardens has been awarded a multi-annual grant of £149,685 by the Big Lottery Fund towards our volunteering and learning programme. Annually the programme will offer volunteering and learning opportunities accessible to local people of all ages and abilities during week days and weekends. A self-directed volunteering opportunity called Volun-tours will also train and support local people to become story tellers providing guided tours of the gardens revealing their hidden layers of meaning and inspiring visitors to get closer to nature.

The Hidden Gardens is a multi-award winning public greenspace operated by The Hidden Gardens Trust offering free access to citizens of Glasgow and beyond, six days per week. The Gardens also offer a programme of creative and engaging activities to promote community integration and intercultural dialogue.

Over the last 15 years it is estimated that over 800 people have benefited from volunteering opportunities in the Hidden Gardens; encouraging people of all ages, abilities and ethnicity to spend more time outdoors, together and to learn new skills and make friendships along the way. This grant award will help the volunteering and learning programme to grow, increase opportunity for local people to participate in greenspace, learn new skills, make new connections and friendships and improve health and wellbeing.

The Gardens depend on the support of Trusts, Foundations and public funds to be able to deliver a programme of work to engage communities of need and those members of society that are all too easily forgotten or seldom heard.

The Hidden Gardens Trust Chair, Melanie Sims, said: “The Hidden Gardens Trust wants to express their sincere thanks to the Big Lottery Fund for this vital funding towards its expanding volunteering programme for the next three years. The programme will make a significant difference to individuals and groups within the local community.

“The programme will be delivered in The Hidden Gardens, Scotland’s first Sanctuary Gardens dedicated to peace. The upkeep of the gardens is funded by Glasgow City Council, without which this jewel in the city would not be sustainable to deliver what it does in its progressive community engagement programme.”

The Big Lottery Fund Scotland Chair, Maureen McGinn, said: “I am delighted that The Hidden Gardens has been successful in securing a Big Lottery Fund grant. This is raised through the National Lottery. The funding will make a big difference where it is needed most and I wish The Hidden Gardens every success as it goes on to develop and expand its project for the benefit of their local community.”

Access to The Hidden Gardens on Wednesday 30 September

Tramway will be closing at 3pm on Wednesday 30th September. The Gardens will still be open until 5pm, but access will be through the Pollokshaws Road entrance.

To enter via the Pollokshaws Road entrance, follow the green line on the ground at the pedestrian entrance from Pollokshaws Road. This will take you to a metal gate that leads on to the patio.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Entrance to the Hidden Gardens through the Pollokshaws Road entrance.
Entrance to the Hidden Gardens through the Pollokshaws Road entrance.

Voluntours of The Hidden Gardens, Wednesdays in August

Thistles in the meadow area at The Hidden Gardens
Thistles in the meadow area at The Hidden Gardens

Ahh, a Scottish flower in some Scottish weather…

The rain hasn’t dampened our spirits here at The Hidden Gardens. It’s great to explore the Gardens in the rain, as the smells are even stronger. The lavender, which has only recently flowered, is especially sweet at the moment. Our administrator keeps ducking out the office to enjoy it!

We’re having another of our popular Voluntours on Wednesday at 1.30. Even if it’s a little rainy, we have fantastic big umbrellas you can borrow, and a grey sky makes the bright colours of the Gardens pop!

Amanda and Andrea modelling the new umbrellas!
Amanda and Andrea modelling the new umbrellas!

The tours are free and there’s no need to register, just pop by. Meet you at the front of the lawn!

Volunteers check out California Wow! exhibition

The Hidden Gardens' volunteers enjoying a workshop about the California Wow! exhibition
The Hidden Gardens’ volunteers enjoying a workshop about the California Wow! exhibition

Some of our volunteers enjoyed a workshop and tour of the California Wow! exhibition in Tramway. It’s always nice to spend some time with our neighbours!

The Hidden Gardens’ favourite Mick Peters will be exhibiting next in Tramway. Looking forward to it!

When Food and Friendship Collide


Our Cultural Cookery volunteers were featured in the Southside Extra last month!

For the past twelve weeks women from the local area have come together at The Hidden Garden’s boilerhouse to learn new cultural recipes and cooking techniques.

Nuala Naughton from the Southside Extra came along for a taster of Japanese cuisine and review our workshop.

You can find the full article in March 5th edition of the Southside Extra or online here

The Hidden Gardens – Easter Closing

A wild bunny in the wildlife meadow
A wild bunny in the wildlife meadow

The Hidden Gardens will be closed on Friday 3rd and Monday 6th April*.

Volunteering will be taking a break, too! Greenfingers will start back on Tuesday 14th April, and Taskforce is back on Wednesday 15th April.

Have a nice break, everyone!

*The Gardens are always closed on a Monday for maintenance, but the office will also be closed this time

Gurdwara Gardening Plaque Unveiling

A group from the Gurdwara and The Hidden Gardens don't let the weather faze them!
A group from the Gurdwara and The Hidden Gardens don’t let the weather faze them!

It was a bit of a blustery day as the plaque for the Gurdwara shared garden was unveiled on Saturday 7th of March.

The crocuses and daffodils were just beginning to peek through the soil. The blue and gold of the flowers echoed the flags that fly above the Gurdwara.

We look forward to seeing the different flowers that’ll appear throughout the year!

The plaque commemorating the Gurdwara shared garden.
The plaque commemorating the Gurdwara shared garden.

Google’s Cyanotype Logo

(Top row - today's Google logo; Bottom row - Cyanotypes made by The Hidden Gardens' Volunteers)
(Top row – today’s Google logo; Bottom row – Cyanotypes made by The Hidden Gardens’ Volunteers)

We did a double take when we saw Google’s logo today!

We’re big fans of cyanotypes here at the Gardens. A few years ago, Taskforce volunteers worked with artist Alexander Hamilton in making cyanotypes using things from the Gardens. Alexander used these to make beautiful prints for use in the new Southern Hospital.

It’s beautiful to see Anna Atkin’s cyanotypes from hundred of years ago. Seeing all the plants makes us excited for spring.