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Bungo in the Back Lanes


Many thanks to our wonderful volunteers who potted on numerous plants and took charge of organising a really fantastic plant and wildlife activity stall at Bungo in the Back Lanes raising over £150 for The Hidden Gardens.



The Hidden Gardens Cultural Cookery – Flatbread Recipes

One of our flatbread making workshops during Mela on Your Doorstep - looks good!
One of our flatbread making workshops during Mela on Your Doorstep – looks good!

Thanks to everyone who came along to our Mela on Your Doorstep event on Saturday. We had a great time, and we hope you did too! Lots of fun events took place, including some cookery workshops where you could learn how to make your own chapatis, soda farls, and piadina. Delicious!

For those of you who were unable to make it, you can take part in one of our flatbread making workshops in your very own kitchen by following these recipes. Which flatbread is your favourite?

The Hidden Gardens Cultural Cookery – Flatbreads Recipe Book

Meditations in Nature – Interfaith Shared Meal

Snapshots of the Interfaith Glasgow shared meal
Snapshots from the first Southside Interfaith Meal

We were delighted to host Interfaith Glasgow‘s first in a series of Southside Interfaith meals last night, part of National Inter Faith Week celebrations. The Hidden Gardens Men’s Cultural Cookery group kindly volunteered their time to cater for the event, cooking a delicious vegetarian feast including: mint tea (harvested from the Gardens); pea and potato pakora served with coconut chutney; spinach and chickpea curry with raita and couscous with roast cherry tomatoes, and finally Moroccan rice pudding with fruit salad. The good food was accompanied by good conversation, and guests shared their thoughts of the evening on coloured leaves. These leaves will be collected after every meal and shared on a tree following the culmination of the meals later in 2015.

Interfaith Glasgow shared this message on their Facebook page:

Last night the Hidden Gardens hosted the first in our series of interfaith community meals. The aim of these meals is to bring together people from different religious communities in the South East of Glasgow to share good food and good conversation in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Last night’s guests included members of the Muslim (Sunni and Shia), Baha’i, Christian, Buddhist, and Sikh traditions. Delicious food was prepared by the Hidden Gardens’ cooking group and presented in an ambient setting conducive to dialogue on the theme of faith and nature. One guest wrote: “It is a fantastic event, I enjoyed the discussion at my table. … [F]aith should bring people together rather than separate them”. Our thanks go to The South East Integration Network (for funding this community meals project), the Hidden Gardens, and all the attendees for making last night so special.

The menu from the shared meal on Wednesday 26th November
The menu from the shared meal on Wednesday 26th November

Pedals and petals at The Hidden Gardens

Outdoor film screening at The Hidden Gardens
Outdoor film screening at The Hidden Gardens

Update 1/12/14 – Mandela Celebration Film now online

We had a great night last night at our bike-powered film screening. It was fantastic to see the films, which documented the excitement of the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival and our Mandela Celebration, and in the case of the Commonwealth Youth Dance film, to be reminded of sunny summer weather!

Many thanks to the young film-makers, our volunteers, and everyone who came along for the screening, discussion, and delicious food. For those of you who couldn’t make it along, we’ll be uploading the films to our website next month. Keep your eyes peeled!

Bike-powered Film Screening at The Hidden Gardens

Flyer for our twilight bike-powered film screening
Flyer for our twilight bike-powered film screening

Thursday 23 October, 5-7pm
The Hidden Gardens

Join us for a twilight bike-powered film premiere, followed a discussion and home-made soup, at The Hidden Gardens

Produced by local young people, these short films depict community events that took place in The Hidden Gardens over the summer: our Mandela Celebration, and the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival. The screenings will be followed by a lively discussion over tasty homemade soup, made by our Cultural Cookery volunteers!

The young film makers have captured the atmosphere and significance of the two recent events: our Mandela Celebration, a celebration of volunteering; and the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival in which 500 young people from across the Commonwealth performed in Tramway and the Hidden Gardens. The films have common themes of ‘welcome’, ‘friendship’ and ‘peaceful togetherness’.

The discussion will include time for us all to reflect on the impact of the ‘call to action’ launched at the Mandela Celebration to “Pledge 67 minutes to your community through volunteering”. We will be asking what are the needs of the community that volunteering can fulfil, what creative ways there are to use volunteers, and what action people want to take next. We hope you can join us for this fascinating event.

Please note: This is an outdoor event, so please wear warm clothes
Booking is recommended. To book, please email

Family Day at Tramway and The Hidden Gardens – Sunday 21st September

A lovely bright yellow bird nest box featuring illustrations by Joe Murray, aged 8 years.
A lovely bright yellow birdbox featuring illustrations by Joe Murray, aged 8 years.

Join us in The Hidden Gardens as we host a variety of fun family activities inspired by our fine feathered friends! These are all drop-in activities so places are limited. No booking required.

Design your own bird nest box, The Boilerhouse
Decorate and take home your very own miniature bird nest box – the sky’s the limit as to how creative you want to be!

Make your own birdfeeder, The Boilerhouse Courtyard
Learn how to make practical bird-feeders to provide food over the cold winter months.

Storytelling, meet in Tramway at the green entrance door to the Gardens
Hear the story of the Parliament of the Birds with our storyteller

We hope you’re able to join us for one or more activities!

Guest post from Young Film-Maker Charandeep

Our young film-makers are working with the footage they’ve taken at the Commonwealth Youth Dance Festival and Mandela Celebrations, and we’re looking forward to sharing their work with you later in the year. Here’s a guest post from another of our young film-makers, Charandeep.

The experience of working with this project has been really great so far. I have been really excited to learn to interpret and convey values through the medium of film, something which is so relevant to my volunteering at the Glasgow Gurdwara.

My favourite part so far has been meeting the young people from Scottish Ballet and Singapore and learning about how they communicate to each other through dance.

The thing I’m really looking forward to is the editing process – that’s the bit that really interests me. To be able to formulate a 15 minute film from hours of footage will be a really exciting process. I want to use the time remaining to be taught by our mentors how to use what can be complicated software, like Final Cut Pro – it will be really great.

Bringing all these areas together has been the Hidden Gardens. The Gardens have been the core of the whole project – it’s our meeting space, social space, work space and relaxation space! It really has the power of bringing people together. A true gem of a space in Glasgow.